Your Support for Emmanuel House Gives Moms-to-Be the Resources Needed to Provide for Baby with Dignity & Respect

Too many of the woman who walk through our doors come to us because they are not sure they have the money, resources, or abilities to add a baby into their lives. When women know that Emmanuel House can help them and their babies with dignity and respect, they are able to choose to have their baby and build a healthy and thriving family.

Rose was not sure how she was going to cover her own bills, let alone be able to cover the needs of a baby. Luckily Emmanuel House was able to supply her and her baby with formula and diapers, which commonly cost families $50 per week or $2500 a year, along with emergency food cards and other nursery essentials. Emmanuel House helps hundreds of families obtain baby supplies, equipment, clothes, and furniture to help offset the cost that many moms worry they cannot afford when deciding to have a first or additional baby.

Amalia was taking college courses, in a not-so-safe housing situation, and working part-time without family leave or security when she found out she was pregnant. She was excited but nervous. She needed a plan and help finding resources for her to make the necessary changes if she wanted to be able to provide for her baby. Emmanuel House helped her to develop a personalized action plan, connected her with resources to secure housing and a job that would allow her to work while still caring for her newborn. With Emmanuel House’s help, she was confident she could have her baby and start her family.

Mary already had two young girls, working hard to cover daycare, and spreading her meager resources thin to barely cover her household’s basic needs. She wasn’t sure she could add another child and still be able to cover her girls’ needs as well. She turned to Emmanuel House who helped make sure their home had heat in the winter, winter clothes for all her little ones, and nourishing food for the whole family, new baby too! Since opening in 2013, Emmanuel House has welcomed over 500 babies, helping moms and moms-to-be be able to say yes to motherhood and to provide for their babies with dignity and respect.

For Emmanuel House to continue to provide these services and offer women a chance to choose having a baby in the face of crisis, we need your immediate assistance. Emmanuel House has had to make hard decisions and made sacrifices of its own in order to continue supporting moms, moms-to-be, and their babies throughout the pandemic and beyond. Your financial assistance is necessary to continue Emmanuel House’s efforts to support new moms and moms-to-be in providing for their babies and building healthy and thriving families into tomorrow.

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