About EHI

dreamstimemedium_21582343The mission of Emmanuel House International, Inc. (EHI) is to serve moms and moms-to-be in crisis, their born and unborn babies, and their families in Putnam County and in neighboring Northern Westchester and Eastern Dutchess Counties.

EHI provides, at no charge, confidential and non-judgmental pre-natal and after-birth support and material assistance to individuals and their families (regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, religious affiliation, disability or socio-economic status), who are in crisis due to unplanned pregnancies, who could not otherwise afford these services, and who have been unable to receive these services at no charge from other private charitable organizations or public agencies in the community. Emmanuel House International does this by:

* Assisting individuals and families (“clients”) in creating individualized action plans for their pregnancy, the birth of their baby, and support after the baby’s birth and for as long as they are in crisis

* Acquiring (through material and financial donations from individuals, community organizations and local churches) and distributing needed material assistance (e.g., new & gently-used maternity, baby, toddler, children and adult clothing; new baby equipment; emergency baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, rash cream, formula, bottles, nipples, baby food, cereal, baby shampoo, baby soap, infant lotion, and talcum powder), as well as referring clients to thrift shops (with vouchers) and donor lists for nearly-new baby equipment, furniture and household items

* Making available self-administered pregnancy tests for clients to determine their pregnancy status so they can accurately develop their unique plans of action

* Providing reference materials on pregnancy, fetal development, childbirth, infant care, parenting skills, child safety, lifestyle choices and other relevant topics

* Referring clients to local resource providers for assistance with healthcare, counseling, insurance, childcare, transportation, rent, utilities, education, employment, nutrition/food, housing, finances and legal issues

Emmanuel House International is focused on working individually with each client to help them develop their unique action plans, allowing EHI to identify each client’s specific needs and in turn, identify the best support and assistance available. Because their plans are tailored, each client receives or is referred only to material assistance they actually need, thereby allowing more clients to be supported without draining otherwise limited state, community, or private resources. Special needs are reviewed on an individual basis to determine whether support and/or assistance can be provided either internally or externally.

Emmanuel House International was conceived by Executive Director Rita O’Brien. Based on her extraordinary attentiveness and tireless support for families in crisis, she was asked by local churches, community organizations, and resource providers to continue her work and fill the large void in the county’s available services, thereby allowing EHI to come to fruition as a crisis pregnancy and after-birth support service for moms and moms-to-be. Rita, having previously directed a regional family crisis organization and worked with clients throughout the region, knows the extreme needs of clients and their families and so set about establishing Emmanuel House International. With the help of countless volunteers and community leaders, EHI gives clients the tools they need to support and care for their families.

Rita is available at rita@emmanuelhouseinternational.org or (914) 393-7208.

Emmanuel House International is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.