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EHI Turns “The Big 6” on August 15th!

Who could have foreseen where we are today? After only 6 short years, our Family of Families has grown to more than 425 Families who have welcomed more than 465 Babies into their Families. We have been honored to help them to make their preparations for their Little One’s arrival and to provide a safe and healthy home for their Baby, their Family and Themselves. To this end, Emmanuel House (501c3 Public Charity) has helped with more than 270,000 diapers, 96,000 pieces of clothing, 1,325 new winter coats, and thousands of baby, household and personal hygiene items as well as emergency groceries. We also have given thousands of referrals for medical, nutrition and housing assistance as well as vouchers to area thrift shops.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of Individuals, Families and Churches in our area. As we head into our 7th year, our mission continues to be helping our Family of Families thrive in order to “get out of crisis and on their feet” after unplanned pregnancies. We at Emmanuel House could not make this possible without your generous donations and financial support. To see how you can help our Moms and Moms-to-Be and their Babies and Families, please visit us at We would also like to invite you to our Open House on Thursday August 15th 2-8pm at our office (8 Towners Road in Carmel) and celebrate with us!

Emmanuel House Recognized by National Catholic Review for Building a Culture of Life

Earlier this year National Catholic Review cited Emmanuel House in their article “Supporting Life: Walking with Women and Their Babies” as building a Culture of Life. As a part of Emmanuel House’s Mission to help Women, Teens and Families in crisis due to unplanned pregnancies, Rita O’Brien (Executive Director) explained, “They want emotional support, and they want to know they’re making the right decision — that they’re making a good decision and that there’s a practical, possible, positive solution. They need to be given it over and over because so many other people are trying to make them go the opposite way.”

Rita went on to say that one common source for a pregnancy being a crisis is the financial problems that can come with it. “Financial problems can arise or be magnified by a new baby. These women are trying to figure out how they can care for not only the new baby that’s coming but for any other children and family members that they’re responsible for as well as themselves.”

A family may also fall into crisis if there is domestic abuse, if the father leaves, or if having another baby will require getting a larger apartment. If there is drug and alcohol abuse, Emmanuel House has partnered with “Drug Crisis in Our Backyard” to get help for those Families needing it.

In this way and many more, Emmanuel House is helping their Family of Families to build a Culture of Life for their Babies, their Families and Themselves. “All Moms and Dads, deep down, want to have their Babies. Emmanuel House builds a relationship with each Woman and Teen by helping them create their own unique action plan, identifying resources needed for their pregnancy and beyond, which provides an opportunity to talk about life-oriented goals. We focus not only on the Mom and her Newborn, but on the Whole Family.”

Rita continued, “Those who assist our Moms-to-Be are doing more than helping them keep their Babies – they’re helping the Family as a whole to grow in body, mind, spirit and soul and are providing the ground work for them then to get on their feet, get out of crisis and have their Families.”

If you would like to help our Moms and Moms-to-Be create a safe and healthy home for their Babies, their Families and Themselves while helping to make our community a better place for all, please call Rita at 914-393-7208 or email her at about our volunteer opportunities.

“Christmas in July” Through August!

Summertime is usually something we all look forward to – between warm weather and time off. Unfortunately for those who rely on Breakfast and Lunch Programs for their children’s nutritional needs, and on the classroom time and afterschool programs for supervised time so they can work, summer can be unbearable.

Also on summer’s heels is the return to school and so our Moms and Moms-to-Be have to start looking for “Back to School” clothes and supplies in addition to the baby clothes and supplies that are so greatly needed all the time. All of your kind gifts at Christmas are now a fond memory as the Babies and Children have outgrown everything as they have been known to do.

You can make a difference in the lives of these Babies and Children by helping their Moms and Moms-to-Be get what they need to take care of their Little Ones. Your “Christmas in July thru August” gifts (which can be dropped off at our office by appointment through the end of August) could include new clothes for school or daycare and new backpacks filled with baby supplies or school supplies. Merry “Christmas in July” through the end of August! If coming by the office isn’t convenient you can still help our Moms and Moms-to-Be by giving on our website at Donate Now!

Give & Receive at the Donors’ Corner

Did you know that EHI has a billboard of ready-to-donate larger furniture and equipment? A child’s earliest years are sometimes the most expensive especially with all the items they need from car seats to cribs to changing tables. Looking for something specific? Let us know! Do you or someone you know have baby or youth furniture or equipment ready to donate? Ideas: travel bassinet, crib, highchair, baby carrier, bunk beds, dressers and the list goes on. Please contact Rita to have your available or needed items added to the Donors’ Corner.

Can You Lend a Helping Hand?

Helping out at EHI makes a huge difference to each and every member of EHI’s Family of Families, whether volunteering for a few hours sorting donations or helping out in the office or writing social media posts. If you have a special skill, we’d welcome your help whether onsite or remotely. Find out how you or a family member can be an intern or fulfill community service requirements. Contact to set up a time to visit and talk about how you can Make a Difference!

‘Til the End of Year

August 15: 6th Anniversary Celebration

September: “Families Shine” Walk-A-Thon

October: “Beacon of Light” Family Fun Night & Auction

November: #GivingTuesday Auction & Open House

December: “Christmas Wish List” Gift & Year End Campaign

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