Give, pray, show hospitality, and reach out


Hi! I hope this finds you well!

Among the Readings at Church this weekend was from John’s 3rd Letter where he is applauding Gaius for living Christ’s teachings, walking in truth, welcoming the missionaries who were strangers to him into his home, and working with them. Gaius was doing all this in spite of the fact that there were members and leaders in the community who were speaking wicked, evil, false and sordid nonsense against Gaius and were trying to prevent him from doing what he knew was right and good in God’s eyes (i.e., supporting his Brothers in Christ in their work in a manner worthy of God and in doing so he would become their co-worker for the truth). John goes on to encourage Gaius by telling him “Whoever does good is from God and whoever does evil has not seen God.”

We at Emmanuel House unfortunately were again the victims of “wicked, evil, false and sordid nonsense” spoken and written against us in an attempt to discredit us and prevent us from doing what we know is “right and good in God’s eyes”. Here’s how we hope you will help to squelch these most recent lies and innuendos which will allow us to get back to our work.

In Saturday’s Meditation in the Word Among Us, four ways of supporting “missionaries” (including modern, domestic ones like us at Emmanuel House) were given that would make actually make us “co-workers” for the truth with them.

1) Give financially. This would free us up to focus on our mission work here in our community.

2) Pray. We need your intercessory prayers – for ourselves, our clients and our work – we can’t do everything we need to do alone and so very much need God’s Help in all we do.

3) Show hospitality.  We all need Friends and we at Emmanuel House are no different. We, the Staff and Volunteers, love when people come to visit and we can share what we are doing and how we are doing it. Our Moms and Moms-to-Be also need your friendship to show them that they are not alone during this time of crisis brought on by an unplanned pregnancy.

4) Shift your perspective. You don’t have to travel far and wide to be a “co-worker” for the truth. Reach out to a New Mom or Mom-to-Be who is having a tough time and help her – either with your own resources if you can or by referring her to Emmanuel House so we can help her get what she needs to be able to take care of her Baby, her Family and Herself. When you choose to share Our Lord’s Love rather than condemn, you are being a “co-worker” and supporting Our Lord’s Work in the World.

We look forward to working with you in this so very important work and hope to welcome you very soon into “our home” – either here in our digital home or at our brick-front in Carmel, NY!

God Bless You & Yours!

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