Emmanuel House Spotlight News, April 2018

Emmanuel House Spotlight News

April 2018




Family Fun Day

Join us at Edward Ryan Memorial Park (Kent, NY) on Sunday May 6th 12-4pm for EHI’s Family Fun Day. Bring food to share, enjoy games and crafts, and get to know EHI’s Family of Families. Let’s have some fun while supporting our Moms and Moms-to-Be. All are welcome. To RSVP and for more information including how to donate to the event’s activities, please contact rita@emmanuelhouseinternational.org or 914.393.7208.


EHI Has a New Home

Last year, Emmanuel House International’s first home was devastated by a fire and later flooding which not only impacted the building but destroyed nearly all of our donated supplies and office equipment. After months of homelessness, EHI reopened its doors in November. You can now find us at 8 Towners Road, still in Carmel, NY with the same PO Box mailing address. We are excited to once again have a place for Moms, Moms-to-Be, Dads, Dads-to-Be and their many Little Ones to come in and receive the assistance they need to be safe and well cared for. With the help of generous donors like you, we will be able to re-equip our office and restock our shelves with emergency supplies whether a selection of baby supplies, child and maternity clothes, learning toys and books, or parenting skills resources. Contact Rita if you are able to help.


EHI Turns FIVE Years Old this August!

Nearly five years ago, EHI became a reality. Over the years, EHI has helped over 400 families, given away over 250,000 diapers, handed out over 1,250 winter coats, and made sure over 250 families had emergency groceries. As we head towards our five-year anniversary, our mission continues to be helping our Family of Families thrive in order to “get out of crisis and on their feet.” We look forward to the next five years. EHI could not make this possible without your generous donations and financial support.


Baby Showers & Baby Bottle Drives

Over the last year, St. Denis, St. James/Our Lady of the Lake, Our Lady of Loretto, St. Columba and Drew Methodist Churches, as well as Knights of Columbus Councils have provided material and financial support, including hosing baby showers and baby bottle drives which each brought in between $400 and $6,500. These funds went towards purchasing baby diapers, formula, and supplies for the babies being celebrated, as well as having a place for Moms and Moms- to-Be to come for help. All funds go directly back into Emmanuel House and supporting our Family of Families. Are you or your church or organization interested in hosting a baby shower or bottle drive fundraiser for EHI? Please contact Rita to make plans at  rita@emmanuelhouseinternaional.org.


Volunteer Highlight: Pauline McBride

A Lake Carmel resident and St. James/Our Lady of the Lake parishioner for over 55 years, Pauline has been with EHI from the beginning. In her work life, Pauline had always chosen fields in which she could make a difference in someone’s life. So when Pauline retired, volunteering first at Birthright and now at EHI has given her the same sense of purpose. She fondly remembers helping a mom-to-be find clothes for her little boy and books for her older daughter; accepting clothing donations from a mom who shared back clothes her little girl had outgrown; and helping a mom find a hat for her little girl to wear for church. Pauline, thank you so much for the memories and for you generous service.

Interested in volunteering and helping our Family of Families either onsite or with professional services? Please contact Rita to help make a difference.


Give & Receive at the Donors’ Corner

Did you know that EHI has a billboard of ready-to-donate larger furniture and equipment? A child’s earliest years are sometimes the most expensive especially with all the items they need from car seats to changing tables. Looking for something specific? Let us know! Do you or someone you know have baby or youth furniture or equipment ready to donate? Ideas: traveling bassinet, crib, highchair, baby carrier. Contact Rita to have your items added to the Donors’ Corner.



8 Towners Road, PO Box 478, Carmel, NY 10512

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